Varna Mall


City: Varna
Location: 186 Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd.
Building type: Shopping center
Leased area: 31,023 sq.m., of which 26,952 sq.m. retail space and 4,048 sq.m. offices.
Total built-up area: 65,470 sq.m.
Floor distribution: Commercial areas are located on four levels - ground floor, first, second and third floor. The offices are "open space" and are located from 2nd to 4th floor.
Parking spaces: 3 Underground parking floors – 400 parking lots, Open air rking – 170 parking lots
Project description: Varna Mall is one of the oldest shopping centers in Varna and the region, located on main road for Sofia and on the crossroad between two of the busiest boulevards in the Sea capital – Vladislav Varnenchik and Hristo Smirnenski. Close to the Airport Varna and Varna Bus station.

Varna Mall offers diverse opportunities for leisure, shopping and entertainment, suitable for every age group. The shopping center offers a wide variety of fashion brands, lots of entertainment, a children's corner, food court, cafes, restaurants, a cinema, various opportunities for fans of sports and an active lifestyle, etc.

Varna Mall boasts one of the best equipped movie halls in Varna. The Arena Cinema has 8 halls seating 1,300 and a 3D cinema.

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