Town: Parvomay
Location: located on the road between Parvomay and Debar
Building type: Retail Park Parvomay
Leasable area: 2,600 sq.m.
Total built-up area: 11,170 sq.m.
Floor layout: all commercial premises are located on the ground floor with leasable areas of 50 sq.m. up to 1,300 sq.m.
Parking spaces: 110
Project description:
Retail Park Parvomay will be the largest and most modern retail park in the town.

Located on the road between Parvomay and Debar, the retail park is easily and quickly accessible from anywhere in the town.

In Retail Park Parvomay, visitors will have at their disposal a variety of goods and services, such as: supermarket, white and black goods store, furniture store, Billa supermarket, Pepko store, insurance broker and others.